You Are An Agent of Change

Father, Mother, comforting SonWhen you bring your child to me for counseling, don’t be surprised if I encourage you to become an active, influential contributor to the process. Here are three reasons why. First, your participation can give you a more lucid understanding of your child’s problem and involve you more directly in the search for solutions. Second, it can support you in coping with your own stress over the problem. And third, parent participation works. Research studies suggest that while a counselor can help your child solve problems, the most powerful agent of change is you.

Why Be Involved?

  • Stress Relief
  • New Information
  • New Insights
  • New Slolutions
  • New Skills
  • Family Harmony

Help For Parents

With these things I mind, I offer not only individual counseling for young people but also multiple opportunities for parent involvement in the counseling process. These include one-time or ongoing parent consultations that will provide you with information about your child’s problem and concrete suggestions for addressing it; coaching sessions to explore new parenting attitudes and approaches; child-parent sessions to build understanding, communication, and cooperation; family sessions to clarify a problem’s impact on the household; and advocacy that coordinates the efforts of parent, counselor, and school.

My conversations with parents are not always about their children. I also work with adults to address their own difficulties, including depression, anxiety, marital tensions, career struggles, and life stage transitions. We typically begin by identifying the changes you want to make in yourself and your life. With these as goals, we then work to understand the impact of your past upon your present; the patterns that recur in your thoughts, actions, and relationships; the core emotions that fuel those patterns; and the steps that can lead from confusion to clarity, distress to relief.