Together We Solve Problems

angry young manHaving counseling doesn’t mean that there is something wrong inside you. But it might mean that something has gone wrong somewhere else in your life and now it’s becoming a problem for you – one you may be experiencing as anger, anxiety, depression, trouble at home, struggles at school, or frustration with yourself.

Our job, working together, is to figure out what the problem really is, where it is coming from, why it is getting in your way, and how to solve it by using your strengths, your skills, and your common sense.

With Counseling You Can

  • Find Your Strengths
  • Feel Better About Life
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Build More Self-Esteem
  • Learn More Self-Control
  • Improve Things at School

How We Do It

When you come to me for counseling, we might play a board game, listen to music, write stories or poems, watch YouTube videos, or play the guitar and keyboard I keep in my office. If the weather is good, we may sit outside or go for a walk. But mostly we will talk about the things that bother you and anything else that happens to be on your mind. Sometimes I will just listen – not as someone who wants to judge or change you but as a person with appreciation and respect for who you are, how you think, and what you say. Some of what we discuss may be serious or worrisome. Even so, we’ll find time and good reasons to laugh.

I understand that counseling may not be your first choice of something to do. But I think it is a wise choice. My own experience and many research studies conducted by other people tell me that it can help you solve difficult problems. And it can make your life brighter in ways that last long after the counseling is done.