Help For ADHD

girl-ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological condition that children experience in a number of ways. They may have trouble sustaining concentration, controlling impulses, organizing tasks, and tolerating frustration. Their ADHD can be particularly troublesome at school, where it often results in learning delays, disciplinary problems, social struggles, and eroded self-confidence. It can disrupt home life, spark conflict, amplify family stress, and leave parents feeling frustrated, drained, powerless.

I have taught children with ADHD, raised a child with ADHD, and been a child with ADHD. Today, I counsel children with ADHD. I work with them to diminish the condition’s negative impact on how they learn, how they cope, and how they understand themselves. I also work with parents to identify effective techniques for helping their ADHD children at home and diminishing the disruption ADHD can bring to family life.

ADHD Services

  • Counseling for Young People
  • Parent Consultation
  • Family Counseling
  • School Consultation
  • Medication Referrals
  • ICARE Workshops

Download ADHD Resources For ParentsADHD resources – books, websites, free downloads.

Adult ADHD

According to a major federal study, most young people with ADHD do not “outgrow” it. As many as 60% will retain their symptoms in adulthood while 40% will continue to experience those symptoms as significant daily obstacles in their education, careers, and relationships.

I work not only with ADHD kids but also with ADHD adults, approaching the condition from two directions. The first identifies effective ways to address such common challenges as managing projects, finishing tasks, staying on schedule, keeping organized, overcoming forgetfulness, and regulating intense emotions. The second direction involves a shift away from seeing ADHD as a shameful weakness and towards building upon the unique constellation of cognitive and emotional strengths that have led many to recognize their ADHD not as a disorder but as a gift.